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Kennewick General Hospital operates in a 60 year old facility built in 1952 that has not seen a major expansion since 1997/1998. It is inadequate for modern healthcare delivery needs. The hospital is not unlike many community hospitals across the country that operates in outdated facilities and has been employing a "band-aid" approach to addressing their infrastructure needs. Because of current site limitations, departments that should be adjacent to each other for optimal patient care and efficiency are not.

Moreover, every nursing unit and nearly every ancillary department is undersized based on current volumes and much of the hospital's infrastructure (heating, cooling and ventilation) is beyond its useful life. Given the building's current configuration and construction type, the hospital has determined that it would be cost prohibitive if not impossible to remodel the existing campus for proper patient room sizes, infrastructure, and new medical technology and equipment.


Hiring Healthcare Development Partners to build a replacement hospital, a freestanding central utility plant, site development, requisite parking and landscaping, and all necessary utility and infrastructure to support the new facility. A new 75,000sf medical office building will be developed simultaneously. Get a sneak peak of the project on the Kennewick General Hospital website.



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