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HDP utilizes a "Best Practices" approach to work with its clients to determine the appropriate size and scope of the development of the facility, and then to ultimately construct, finance, lease and manage such facility. The Client is provided with all the information and work product relative to each stage in the process, to determine whether to proceed to the following stage. HDP's services are broken down unto three phases:

Phase I – Development Planning, Analysis and Feasibility

Phase II – Project Development

Phase III – Construction Process

Phase I: Development Planning, Analysis and Feasibility

  • Review Project Organization and Timetable
  • Identify Impatient Space Needs
  • Identify Ambulatory Space Needs
  • Determine Physician Involvement
  • Create Architectural Space Program
  • Site Analysis, Evaluation and Selection
  • Identify Public, Governmental and Regulatory Requirements
  • Conceptual Design
  • Economic Analysis
  • Interim Progress Report

Phase II: Project Development

  • Building and Site Design
  • Finalize Impatient Space Program
  • Finalize Ambulatory Space Program
  • Develop Building Specifications
  • Finalize Ownership and Financing Structure
  • Identify and Engage Contractors
  • Execute Hospital and Physician Leases
  • Update Economic Analysis
  • Construction Commencement

Phase III: The Construction Process

  • Provide Full Construction Management Services
  • Assure Compliance with Codes
  • Maintain Project Budget
  • Maintain Project Schedule
  • Complete Construction of the Building, Site Work and Interior Finishes
  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy
  • Commission the Building for Use Construction Management


HDP's role and responsibilities will not end until:

1. All of the architectural, development and construction work is completed
2. All of the available space allocated for physician offices is leased
3. All of our warranties for materials and workmanship have expired


We have successfully developed more than $1.5 billion in healthcare real estate for a variety of clients.

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