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We provide all of the development, finance, architectural, construction management, acquisition, and other professional services required to develop ambulatory care centers, medical office buildings, clinics, surgery centers, acute care hospitals, and other healthcare facilities for independent hospitals, healthcare systems and physicians group practices on a full-service, guaranteed-price basis. We develop these facilities on or off the balance sheet of our clients. We help clients throughout the nation develop comprehensive medical office building and outpatient facility design programs.

  • True "At Risk" Development

    HDP's understanding of the strategic growth initiatives employed by hospital administration to maintain or grow market share is one of our strongest assets.

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  • Ownership/Financing Structures

    Hospitals need multiple options to expand services / revenue streams while preserving cash, debt service levels, and investment grade credit ratings.

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  • Physician Marketing and Leasing

    HDP assumes responsibility for all of the marketing and leasing services with no financial risk to the hospital. We will lease 100 percent of the space allocated for physician offices.

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  • Hospital Physician Joint Ventures

    Based on our vast experience, HDP understands that it is critical for a hospital to become aligned with its physicians.

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  • Facility Recapitalization

    Healthcare Development Partners' Facility Recapitalization program is focused on the issue of capital allocation.

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  • Design/Build Healthcare Construction

    HDP oversees the architecture, engineering and construction to provide you with an efficient process that includes faster delivery and a value-engineered and operationally efficient facility with less out-of-pocket cost for you.

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  • Full-Service Guaranteed Price Program

    HDP's Full-Service, Guaranteed Price Program ("GPP") is designed to meet the needs of the provider by transferring the risks inherently associated with any real estate development project to HDP.

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  • Behavioral Health

    HDP is committed to excellence in Behavioral Health. To that end, our mission is to ensure new beds are made available for all mental health patients nationwide. Our goal is to provide 2,000 new beds throughout the United States by 2020.

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We have successfully developed more than $1.5 billion in healthcare real estate for a variety of clients.

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