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True "At Risk" Development

True "At Risk" Development

HDP's understanding of the strategic growth initiatives employed by hospital administration to maintain or grow market share is one of our strongest assets. At HDP, we will deploy resources to determine the feasibility of a new facility and report back to your administration with a "go / no-go" recommendation. If the project is feasible and is approved by the hospital we will again use our capital to develop, design and construct the new facility.

Hospitals now need to explore options to expand services while preserving cash and debt service levels, while also maintaining investment credit ratings. Understanding these market conditions, HDP has the ability to design, finance, and own medical facilities in a variety of financing structures. These stuctures allow hospitals to enjoy the benefits of housing a new, on or off campus facility, while preserving capital and debt service capacity.

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We have successfully developed more than $1.5 billion in healthcare real estate for a variety of clients.

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