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Facility Recapitalization

Facility Recapitalization

Healthcare Development Partners' Facility Recapitalization program is focused on the issue of capital allocation. Most healthcare providers have a significant portion of their balance sheet committed to owning real estate, which provides for a lack of liquidity. Many healthcare providers need additional capital to compete in today's healthcare marketplace.

The source of additional capital required by many healthcare providers may be the real estate that is already owned. Our acquisition program is designed to provide cash, maintain healthcare provider control over the use and tenancy of a facility, improve accounting ratios (ROA, ROE and debt/equity), enhance the balance sheet and avoid private inurement and fraud and abuse issues.

Under our Outpatient Facility Acquisition Program and in the pursuit of acquiring existing ambulatory facilities, we perform the following services at no cost.

  • Prepare an estimated value for all existing outpatient facilities
  • Develop a comparison of capital costs and their impact on lease rates
  • Estimate the impact that a sale or refinancing would have on the balance sheet
  • Develop financial models for the sale and/or refinancing of existing buildings
  • Learn more about how to put HDP's facility recapitalization to work for your organization. Contact us for details today.

We have successfully developed more than $1.5 billion in healthcare real estate for a variety of clients.

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